Jeweler gives wedding ring away to wrong person, Muhlenberg Co. woman searching for her ring

Jeweler gives wedding ring away to wrong person, Muhlenberg Co. woman searching for her ring
Published: May. 8, 2022 at 11:17 PM CDT
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MUHLENBERG CO., Ky (WFIE) - A Muhlenberg County woman is on the hunt for her wedding ring after she says her jeweler mistakenly gave it away to the wrong person.

Jessica Piper has a lot to smile about this Mother’s Day.

She spent it with her family, the sun was shining, but something is missing. Her wedding ring.

Piper says she took into her jeweler for a small repair, and never saw it again.

“My husband went in and said, ‘I’m here to pick up my wife’s ring,’ said Piper. “And they said, ‘We don’t have a ring. Someone picked it up.’”

They filed a report with Kay Jeweler’s in Bowling Green and got the local authorities involved.

“After the investigation through the jewelry store, we figured out one of the employees just made a mistake,” Piper said.

A $6,200 mistake, leaving Piper without her most special piece of jewelry, and a stranger a whole lot richer.

“They gave our ring to someone trying to pick up their own ring,” Piper said.

Instead of bringing the ring back in to correct the mistake, Piper says the man kept it and sold it off.

“We were told that he took the ring home, and I guess he and his wife separated or divorced, and he sold it through Snapchat,” she said.

Piper says she didn’t even know what or how to feel next.

“Shocked, and nervous, scared thinking someone’s done us wrong,” Piper said, describing her emotions.

So she took to social media trying to spread the word. With over 1,000 shares on her Facebook post, she’s hoping someone may find it.

“Everyone’s devastated, and everyone’s always asking me about it,” Piper said. “Social media’s been my biggest supporter.”

Her left ring finger feels extra bare without it this month, as this weekend was her and her husband Cody’s anniversary.

13 years together, four years married.

“We’ve been together since I was in eighth grade,” said Piper. “We got together when I was 13, so we’ve been together half my life.”

Her ring was a symbol of their many years growing up together, and she hoped to have it until they grew old.

“I would love to get it back. It means so much to me,” said Piper. “I said our vows over it, and I intended to have it until I was no longer on this earth, so I’d love to get it back. I’d do anything to get it back.”

If there’s any chance anyone sees the ring, maybe at a local pawn shop or being sold on Facebook marketplace near you, shoot us an email at

Maybe we can help get it into the right hands.

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