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  Child tax credit changes on the horizon due to COVID-19 relief package

By this point, several Americans have likely heard about the much-anticipated stimulus checks, or perhaps the enhanced unemployment benefits, but there is another key area to consider.

  Summer child care options for local families

  Easing Anxiety in Children: Tips from RiverValley Behavioral Health

Daviess Co. Library holding mental health forum

  Officials at Albion Fellows Bacon Center getting word out about ‘Domestic Violence Awareness Month’

  'Let’s Chalk About It’ event held in Evansville

  Peace of Mind Special - Raising Resilience

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  USI hosts annual Mental Health Summit

  Special Report: Digital Disorder

  Children abused, families move

  Failed and Forgotten

  A trifecta of failures puts kids at risk

  14 News Special Report: Weather the Storm

Trump aims to reduce veteran suicides with executive order

It's called the “President's Roadmap to Empower Veterans and End a National Tragedy of Suicide” – or PREVENT.

  Resilient Evansville hosts event to discuss children, teenagers mental health

Resilient Evansville is hosting the nationally-recognized Pediatrician, Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg.

  Peace of Mind: More Youth First social workers in schools

Youth First Social Workers are meeting kids where they are most, at school.

  Dozens look to start ’19 off on healthy note

According to researchers at University College London, it takes about 66 days to completely break an old habit and even longer to make exercise your new habit.

  5-year-old battles condition of the skull

  Ivy Tech hoping to relieve student stress with ‘Paws and Relax’

  St. Vincent’s New Therapeutic Sensory Playground

Halloween can trigger emotional, behavioral challenges

  14 News Special: Choosing to Survive

  $70k to help domestic violence victims in Southern Indiana

Talking to babies makes them smarter, study says

The toddlers whose parents had more back-and-forth conversations with them scored higher on IQ and vocabulary tests.

  EXCLUSIVE: Only IN suicidologist talks on how personal story helps her save lives

A staff member at a local psychiatric hospital is saving lives.

  Peace of Mind: Easing back-to-school anxiety

The first day of school is exciting, but can also be scary for some children.  In a special Peace of Mind project, an expert with the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation offered this advice for parents.

Peace of Mind: Suicide Awareness

Our Peace of Mind special "Suicide Awareness" aired July 26, 2018, on WFIE and WNIN.

  Peace of Mind: Suicide Survivor

"She was the best mom, honestly.  I can't even put it into words how good she was.  It was like magic watching her go through all these problems and come out on the good side.  She always stayed positive," said 19-year old Mikayla Strother.  Her nickname was Smiley. "You would've never been able to tell anything was going on with her.  She would just put a smile on.  She'd do what she had to do for me and my sisters." Behind that sm...

Summit held at USI to shed light on veterans mental health

Veteran mental health was at the forefront of a summit held Tuesday in Evansville.

Peace of Mind: Depression and Suicide rates among first responders are skyrocketing

Firefighters, police, EMT'S and paramedics are on the front lines of emergency situations every day, and it takes a toll.

  Peace of Mind: Safe in Schools

Our Peace of Mind special "Safe in Schools" aired March 21, 2018 on WFIE and WNIN.

Daviess Co. sheriff's deputies prepare for active shooter situations

Daviess County sheriff's deputies are now more prepared for active shooter situations.

Peace of Mind Project: Mental Health in Kentucky schools

When the Johnson Brothers visit Dave at RiverValley Behavioral Health, they say its like hanging out with a good friend. "He's really good at helping you cheer up when you're down."

Crisis Stabilization Unit could come to downtown Evansville

A one-of-its-kind crisis stabilization unit is in the works in Evansville. United Caring Service has plans to bring much needed substance abuse resources to its downtown facility.

Rash of threats follow school shootings

Post Parkland threats forced police action and lock outs at schools across our area.

Tri-State schools on alert after Parkland, FL shooting

What happened in Parkland, Florida, changed something about how the nation and the Tri-State react to school shootings.

New active shooter drill aims to get medical teams to victims faster

Active shooter training is not new for the Daviess County Sheriff's Office, but now there's a new drill which could mean medical personnel get to patients faster.

Marshall County continues to heal after school shooting

Jackie Monroe visited Marshall County about a month and a half after the shootings, and the echos were still powerful.

Resources: How to talk to your kids about tragedy

Talking to your kids after a tragedy, or even preparing them in case one happens can be hard. There are resources out there to help.

14 News Special Report: Peace of Mind: Screen Time Stress

The amount of screen time your kids are getting could be dangerous to their mental health.

Peace of Mind: How to talk to your kids about threats

Talking to your kids about school threats is not easy, but experts say it is important. You need to know how they are feeling and what they are thinking.

Peace of Mind: EVSC Mental Health Initiative

Building brain health - The Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation is making that a top priority for their students and staff.

Taking a Stand: Child sexual abuse

National statistics show that Child Sexual abuse happens to 1 in 10 children prior to their 18th birthday.

Peace of Mind Project: Youth Suicide Prevention

A grieving Tri-State mom has made it her mission to prevent other families from enduring the loss of a child by suicide.

Mental health resources available to you

You can offer resources to your loved one. Call the National Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK or our local Suicide Hotline at 812-422-1100, or take your loved one to a local emergency room.

Peace of Mind: Adverse Childhood Experiences

Science shows children's exposure to trauma and toxic stress could lead to major health problems later in life.

Poll: Half of Kentucky adults know someone facing depression

Half of Kentucky adults say they know someone who has a serious problem with depression, and nearly seven in 10 say they know who to contact for treatment.

Purdue researchers support new criteria for mental illness categories, diagnosis

Three Purdue University psychological sciences professors collaborated with 50 experts in psychology and psychiatry to improve the understanding and diagnosis of mental illness.

Vanderburgh Co. Mental Health Court officially certified

More funding means the Vanderburgh County's Mental Health Court could help more people, and court officials are looking forward to doing just that.

Brother of man who jumped off bridge fed up with lack of help for mental health disorders

It's a nationwide problem. A shortage of help for people suffering from mental illness. One Evansville family feels the strain, firsthand.

  14NEWS Special Report: " Healing Heroes"

"It's the type of calls and images that leave lasting images in your mind," says Charlie Heflin.Heflin has been in the fire service for 28 years, but he'll always remember one of his first calls."Back in 1991, there was an accident in Cedar Lake, Indiana.  Six people were killed by a drunk driver.  The van flipped over, and erupted into flames," explains Heflin.PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, incites traumatic memories to return when similar ...

Deaconess Cross Pointe to offer courses on mental health

Officials at Deaconess Cross Pointe say they're seeing more people with mental illness refuse to get help.

Special Report: Mental Health Problems

The community-wide discussion about available help for the mentally ill was thrust into the spotlight following the fire that destroyed 9 units at the Sugar Mill Creek apartment complex.

Driving Directions to Deaconess Hospital

Once you arrive, you may park in the lot marked "Visitors" or in either of the parking garages. Parking is free.

St. Mary’s pediatric patients getting surprise visitor

The Coca Cola Polar Bear will be visiting patients Feb 22 at 2pm in St. Mary's Pediatric Center.

Serving the Unique Needs of Our Community's Children

At Deaconess, we understand that pediatric patients aren't simply smaller versions of adult patients. Children have unique needs. Deaconess Riley Children's Services are designed to cater to these special needs.

Driving Directions to Deaconess Hospital - Gateway Campus

The Deaconess Gateway Medical Campus is conveniently located at the cross roads of I-164 and Lloyd Expressway (Hwy 66) in Newburgh, Indiana; near Evansville. Traveling West on Lloyd Expressway Turn