Deaconess Henderson Hospital receives first ‘A’ rating

Deaconess Henderson Hospital receives first ‘A’ rating
Published: Nov. 10, 2021 at 8:49 AM CST
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HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) - Officials with Deaconess Henderson Hospital say they have been awarded their first-ever “A” this year.

The scoring grade comes from The Leapfrog Group, which is a national organization focused on healthcare safety and equality.

Breanna Duncan is a nurse at Deaconess Henderson Hospital. She started about two years ago, when the coronavirus was just about to rear its head.

“It was a little hectic because there was a lot of change, but I do feel like we did transition pretty smoothly for the most part,” Duncan said.

From the hospital’s “F” rating a year ago, to its first “A” rating this week, Duncan has been there through the changes.

“We have doctors here now that we didn’t have at one point that provide really great care for us,” Duncan said. “We’re a great team, that’s my favorite part about Deaconess is we work really well together.”

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Dennis Beck says changes include two new pulmonary specialists, and a more thorough process for giving medication.

“With the addition of an electronic health record, with the documentation of patients, with the double, triple, quadruple checking the medications ordered, pulled from the pharmacy and delivered to the patient at the bedside,” Beck said.

Navigating these changes to earn an “A” during the pandemic.

“COVID, in general, is just an emotional rollercoaster for families, for us too, we get connected to these patients and we love them,” Duncan said. “I think to have the support of good doctors, and good nurses, and just everyone that works here in general, for us all to come together, it really makes a difference for patient care.”

A press release states Deaconess Midtown and Gateway Hospitals also received “A” grades.

Deaconess Henderson Hospital was awarded a “B” in the fall of 2020 and again in spring 2021.

Before Deaconess took over, the hospital received an “F” in 2019.

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