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3rd grader back to baking in hopes of raising money for cancer patients

A year ago, an Evansville girl started raising money for cancer patients by selling cupcakes.

Paige Miller, a third grader at Caze Elementary, is at it again. People have already placed orders on her 'Paige's Cupcakes for Cancer' Facebook page. 

Wednesday was the big kickoff for this year's fundraiser.

For the first few weeks of the month or so, Paige and her mom are going to be taking orders for cupcakes by the dozen. 

Then they, along with teachers and staff at Caze who have volunteered to help, are going to bake in the school kitchen. 

Last year, Paige raised $1,200 dollars and donated it to the Deaconess Foundation. The foundation says that money went toward comfort items for cancer patients receiving treatment. 

This time around, Paige is looking to top that great start.

"We're wanting to be even bigger, and we're wanting to double the money that we had last year," Paige says.

"I've been, just on the verge of tears non-stop. Just with one little girl's idea and she just took it and ran with it," Paige's mother, Crystal Miller says. "It has inspired so many people more than we ever dreamed and it's really just been a wonderful thing."

They'll be making vanilla cupcakes with strawberry icing.

Cupcakes cost $20 per dozen and most of that money will be donated to the Deaconess Foundation. 

You can order on Paige's Cupcakes for Cancer" Facebook page or call the Caze School office. 

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