Oct. 17 It's the Law... No Headlights Allowed on Main Street.

There are many laws on the books that make you wonder what ever possessed someone to pass such a law? This week Stefanie takes a look at an Evansville law that bans someone from driving on Main Street with their lights on.

Evansville is doing it's best to revitalize Main Street and the downtown area. City officials re-opened the walkway to traffic and is doing it's best to get a steady flow of cars visiting downtown both day and night. So it may surprise travelers of Main Street to know about a city law which states: "While driving on Main Street you may not have your lights on."

"Are you serious? I did not know that. My car automatically always has it's headlights on", says one driver.

"I was trying to the think of the reasons you weren't supposed to use headlights on Main Street and if it goes back several years to the turn of the century, maybe it was to make sure you weren't going to blind the horses coming from the other direction. That was the only thing I could think of", says city transportation director Pete Swaim.

"He was just driving with his headlights on, should you make a citizen's arrest?," asks Stefanie.

"No ma'am, I don't have any Barney Fife in me." Swaim says he's not sure the law remains on the books as one Internet site suggests, but he says if it does, he's fairly sure it's not regularly enforced.

"I think the police department guys won't write many tickets for that. I think they have plenty of other things to deal with and certainly in the downtown area."

And one other Evansville law that's still on the books: "It's against the law to exit or enter a vehicle while the vehicle is in motion."