Parent Support Group

"Who can tell me what's wrong with my baby?"  "Who's the best pediatric sub-specialist for this child's condition?"  "How can I get my insurance company to understand how much my child needs this treatment?"

Urgent questions.  Heartfelt pleas.  Every time a child is diagnosed with an illness or disability, parents and physicians seek answers.  Now, there's a place where questions like these have answers. St. Mary's Center for Children was created as central resource where the answers could be found...more quickly, more clearly, more accurately.
The Center for Children was formed in early 2006 to meet the special medical needs of tri-state children and their families.  Responding to community outcry for more new programs and more accessible sub-specialty pediatric diagnoses and care, St. Mary's, with a Mission and Ministry grant, developed this unique pediatric service for local and regional doctors and their patients.