Naked 2-year-old child found walking alone in Evansville

Reporter: Jared Austin
Web Producer: Mike Mardis

An investigation is underway after a naked 2-year-old boy was found wandering the streets of Evansville.

On Tuesday morning an alert driver spotted the child on West Oregon Street and quickly called police. Officers said they found the toddler naked, bruised and scratched up.

Dwayne and Megan Lefler, the child's parents, said a relative forgot to deadbolt the front door before leaving the home that morning.

"He ran out the door and, you know, it scared me to death more than anything and then they made it into a big dramatic scene," Dwayne Lefler said, "You know, more than what it should have been."

Evansville Police called in Child Protective Services to help with their investigation.

Steve Green of the Evansville Police Department said, "This certain case here C.S.P. will look into this, investigate it and get back with the police department on their suggestions that needs to be done."

Authorities are also looking into the minor injuries they said the child had.

"What had happened is he was riding down what they call a loading ramp and there was a bar came about midway, where his eye is, and he didn't stop and slid into it and bashed his eye hear, which caused the bruise. Other than that, he had never had any facial marks or scratches due to our negligence," Dwayne Lefler said.

Megan Lefler said she thought she might have her son taken away.

"It scared me 'cause I was in here crying thinking they were going to take him with them and stuff," Megan Lefler said, "I would be lost without him."

In this ongoing investigation the Lefler's said, in order to maintain custody of their son, C.P.S. is requiring them to enroll in parenting classes.

"It is worth it to keep my son," Dwayne Lefler said, "But, they are putting us through all kinds of trouble for this and it is just non-sense."

Child Protective Services said they'll work with the family to make sure nothing like this happens again.