Study: Everyone with blue eyes is related

New Media Producer: Amanda Lents

If you have blue eyes chances are you could be related somehow to Brad Pitt, Frank Sinatra and the estimated 300 million other people on this earth who also have blue eyes.

That's the finding from researchers in Denmark, who have determined that every person with blue eyes descended somehow from one person whose genes mutated about 10,000 years ago.

Before then everyone had brown eyes. The mutation blocked the pigment responsible for making brown eyes resulting in a blue iris.

Scientists began this research in the 1970's, when they studied a family with three generations of blue eyes.

They were able to pinpoint the exact spot in their genetic make-up that gave them blue eyes.

When they compared those genes to over 150 people around the world with blue eyes, they all had the exact same DNA in that specific region of the blue eyed gene.