Sex scandal splits up a family and a church

Reporter: Jared Austin
New Media Producer: Nick Storm

An Evansville pastor is caught up in a sex scandal he says he knew nothing about.

Mike Bebout has now resigned from the Washington Avenue Baptist church after the choir director, his son-in-law is charged with sexual misconduct with a minor.

The pastor's daughter, who is five months pregnant, has filed for a divorce and she's caring for the couple's other child while her husband is behind bars. Now, the private family matter has apparently split the church into two camps.

Mike Bebout, former Washington Avenue pastor, says, "Healing can't begin until the bleeding is stopped, and the only way I could stop the bleeding was to resign."

A few weeks ago during a Sunday night service, Pastor Mike Bebout felt he needed to explain why he hired Nathan St. Pierre.

Mike Bebout says, "I called a couple of friends of mine that are in the music business and they said at what we pay it would be very hard to find someone that is qualified, he was my last choice."

Then came the accusation that Pastor Bebout knew about allegations of St. Pierre's sexual misconduct before the arrest.

Mike Bebout says, "I knew nothing about it, I would have fired him, it wouldn't have bothered me at all."

The Bebout family says during that Sunday service things got ugly.

Rachael Bebout says, "Verbal attacks just being hurled at us, name calling."

Days later at a church business meeting Pastor Bebout made his decision final.

Mike says, "I made one simple statement and that was my ministry at this church is through and as far as I'm concerned this church is too."

St. Pierre's wife Rachael says she's finding encouragement from those who still support her father.

Rachel says, "I love the people that have stuck by us and I have faith in those people but you can't put your total faith in humans period, all of your source and strength has to come from god because god is the only one who can carry you through times like these."

Mike Bebout says, "If I would say anything to the folks at Washington Avenue I have no ill feelings, no animosity, I don't seek any revenge of any kind but I would say lets love each other, lets forgive each other we all make mistakes."

60 church members have left the church and are meeting on Sunday's with Pastor Bebout. Nathan St. Pierre remains behind bars and is due back in court next month.