Bad idea: Man arrested for punching paramedic

A 20 year old Vincennes man is sleeping off a hangover in the Knox County Jail after an incident early Friday morning in Bruceville.

Indiana State Police say Michael J. Braithwaite was arrested after allegedly punching a paramedic in the face while being transported to the hospital.

Paramedics were called to the residence in Bruceville after the homeowner discovered Braithwaite unconscious on his front porch just after 3:30am. The investigation shows that Braithwaite crawled there from a nearby residence.

After seeing that Braithwaite was intoxicated, they decided to transport him to Good Samaritan Hospital in Vincennes for examination in case something else was wrong with him. On the way, Braithwaite allegedly punched one of the paramedics in the face.

Troopers were called and arrested Braithwaite. After being examined at the hospital, he's now in the Knox County jail on charges of Battery, Disorderly Conduct and Minor Consumption of Alcohol, all misdemeanors.