Mesker Zoo Bear Facts...Asiatic Bears

Krissy and Katie were about 11months old when they arrived in Evansville in December.

  • The Asiatic Black Bear looks very similar to the American Black Bear in habits but has larger ears and a white V shaped patch on his chest.
  • Asiatic Bears can stand upon their hind legs for extended periods of time, which makes them look rather human. They can also sit down on their rears with their upper body off the ground like a person.
  • The Asiatic Black Bear is found in forested areas especially in hills and mountainous areas.
  • Adults reach about six feet in length. Females weigh about 110-275 pounds, males 220 to more than 440 pounds.
  • Asiatic bears are found over a wide area of southern Asia. They can be found from the mountains of Afghanistan, through Pakistan and northern India, Nepal, Bhutan into Burma and northeastern China. They are also found in southeastern Russia, and some of the Japanese islands.
  • The bears are omnivores and eat a wide variety of foods, including fruits, bees nests, insects, and invertebrates. They can also climb trees to get their food, as well as finding it on the forest floor.
  • Asiatic Black Bears are highly favored by the Asian medicinal market for their organ potency. Poachers who hunt and kill the bear and trade the bear parts have devastated the bears. Even with protection their future is uncertain due to extensive habitat loss.