Gulf Mission Needs Ladders, Tarps

EDITOR'S NOTE: The group is leaving for the Gulf region this Friday at 5:00 PM, and will drive all night, working through the weekend to cover homes with damaged roofs. Please gather any of the items you have and give us a call before 4:00 PM.

'Us Helping Them' is a not-for-profit group, consisting of Men Of Promise members and Eastminster Presbyterian Church members, who are volunteering in the Gulf Coast area.

So many Tri-State companies and individuals have donated goods and cash to keep our trips productive, we felt the need to share their names and say thank you - and to offer a list of items still needed.

Our group will be making mission trips for the next six months or longer, as needed, and several items are in high-demand for rebuilding coastal residents' homes and lives. If you have any of the following items handy, or wish to donate funding, a list of contact numbers will follow.

  • Visqueen, 6 mil.
  • Roofing materials
  • Tarps, all sizes
  • Any and all tools (extras will be donated to families who can do their own repairs)
  • Chainsaws
  • Tree limb, branch cutters/clippers
  • Measuring tape, hammers
  • Sleeping bags
  • Any construction materials, such as drywall
  • Plumbing and electrical supplies
  • Heating and air conditioning repair equipment
  • Ladders

The Potters Wheel is a non-profit Christian organization that operates soup kitchens, clothing banks, and ventures out into their Jefferson Avenue/Governor Street neighborhood, to provide for the spiritual, physical, emotional and educational well-being of their area. They offer GED classes and a homeless, pregnant mother's home called the Hannah House and they are working on a shelter in the basement for families - but still need funding for the staff.

In a recent call, The Potters Wheel reports that a church distribution site in Marrero, Louisiana contacted them regarding a shortage of food and water due to the influx of evacuees from Lake Charles. This is reportedly a desperate situation for the church and any donations would be greatly appreciated - not just food and water, but hygiene, baby items and medical supplies. Contact Martha at (812) 401-4440, or mail donations to: 333 Jefferson Avenue, Evansville, Indiana, 47713 - or you can send donations direct by clicking here for more information.

Thank you's go out to (in no particular order): Indiana Association of Building Officials, Potters Wheel, EVAPAR , Brown/Fleck Family, Tom and Susan Clayton, Men of Promise - Zoar, Men of Promise - West Side, Zoar Church, Eastminster Presbyterian Church, Wilder Oil Co., Frontier-Kemper, Bristol Myers Corporate Hanger, Shelter Roofing, RCI Inc ., Drones, Wildeman's, West Side Christian Church, Terry Vogel Construction, Steve Proctor, Michelle Dorris, and Hebron Pediatrics (Dr. Anthony Schapker's office personnel) and many, many more to come.

To find out how and where to make your donation, contact Kerry Corum at (812) 426-1414, Vaughn Murray at (812) 604-0350, the Building Commissioner - Roger Lehman's office at (812) 436-7881, The Potter's Wheel at (812) 401-4440.

Remember: If you can't deliver the items, other arrangements will be made.