Tell City residents concerned over possible contamination

Tell City residents concerned over possible contamination

TELL CITY, IN (WFIE) - Paul Alvey lives a block away from what used to be the General Electric factory.

In July, he received a letter in the mail requesting that an environmental study is done inside his house. He started wondering if he and his family had been living in dangerous conditions.

"That really concerned, that is what really got me, I'll just say, it got me wound up, it did," said Alvey.

After doing some research, he discovered houses across the street from the old factory tested for high levels of Trichloroethylene, or TCE, compared to the acceptable amount. The chemical can contaminate groundwater and soil.

"It's 70 units per cubic centimeter. Compare that to the 10,000 reported exposure number there. That is significant, that is very very concerning," said Alvey.

The factory has been closed for over a decade.  Alvey believes those levels may have been higher during its operation.  
Now he's worried about his health concerns and possible exposure.

"First thing I want to make sure is that my family is o.k. and I want to make sure they are o.k. throughout their life," said Alvey.

Not only that, but Alvey wants to know who is responsible, and how the issue can be resolved. 
Indiana Department of Environmental Management has been conducting studies in the area, and a public forum is being held on Tuesday so that residents can voice their concerns.

"I want to know more about the total impact, I want to know about the longevity, the exposure limits, and all of that type of stuff."

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