Evansville students volunteer to hand out groceries

Evansville students volunteer to hand out groceries

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Sometimes a simple gesture and a smile can go a long way.

Athletes from the Harrison High School's football and lacrosse teams volunteered to help pass out free groceries to those in need on Green River Road in Evansville. It was an effort by World Harvest Ministries and Tri-State Food Bank.

World Harvest ministries CEO Jessica Greulich wanted to not only help the community but to teach the students responsibility.

"We've tried to teach these children, these students that to be a great leader they need to be a great servant on and off the field," said Greulich.

Over 150 families came to pick up groceries. After a shopper filled their bags, volunteers even helped load everything into their vehicles.

Volunteers tell us that their act of service really puts things into perspective.

"Recognizing that it's not necessarily about you, it's about the community as a whole and the team, and the people coming up behind you. That's who you really need to focus on and who you should really be doing this for," said Trey Whipple, a senior at Harrison High School.

For many of the volunteers, they would not have wanted to spend their Saturday doing anything else. And it's because of the gratitude that they feel knowing they made a difference.

"I feel amazing, I feel like there is not much else I could have done better to help the community out today," said Grant Stern.

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