Neighborhood Watch: Encountering someone wanted by police

Neighborhood Watch: Encountering someone wanted by police
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TRI-STATE (WFIE) - Monday we told about a wanted man, now that man is in police custody.

Owensboro police say Archie Williams, the guy they believe robbed a Cash Express business has been arrested in Marion County, Tennessee. Police say Williams pointed his gun at both the employee and a customer during the robbery last week.

He then tied them up to get away. Williams will be extradited back to Kentucky where he'll face a robbery charge.

We often show mug shots or surveillance video of suspects police are looking for on the chance that you'll be able to help solve crimes. It's good to remind ourselves from time-to-time about what to do if you actually encounter someone wanted by police.

Law enforcement experts say do not attempt to apprehend suspects yourself or take any action beyond reporting what you've seen or know. If you need immediate attention, call 911.

If you have a outstanding misdemeanor warrant in Vanderburgh County, here's your chance to not get arrested for it.

Just go to the court room 110 in the Civic Center, between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. Wednesday, and bring a form of government ID. You will appear before a judge and your warrant will be lifted and you'll get a new court date.

Remember, this is for misdemeanor warrants only.

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