Police stepping up patrols in active construction zone

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - A warning from Evansville police to watch your speed in construction zones.

We've learned workers have alerted police about speeders on the Lloyd Expressway near the Pigeon Creek Bridge

Orange barrels usually mean construction is near.

"It's not just a construction zone," Sgt. Jason Cullum with the Evansville Police Department said. "It's a work zone. There are people present."

That's why Evansville Police are urging drivers to slow down. On the Lloyd Expressway we've learned people haven't been doing that.

"We received numerous complaints back in June when this first started about motorists coming though here extremely fast," Cullum  said. "So we've had our traffic unit as well as some of our crime prevention officers working this area in response to those complaints."

Over the past month, Evansville police say they've issued about 60 tickets and several warnings.

The speed limit is 30 mph on portions of the Lloyd during construction. Police say it's important to follow that.

"Now there is just plastic cones that are separating the East and West bound traffic so if somebody is driving fast and in a reckless manor the odds of there being a collision have greatly increased while this construction is going on," Cullum said.

While patrols are especially heavy when workers are present, we're told it's not uncommon to see officers patrolling at all hours of the day in the construction zone.

As for construction on the Lloyd. We have checked in with Indiana Department of Transportation officials to try and figure out where crews are on this project. We're still waiting to hear back.

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