Mother speaks on 'Myracle' baby girl after crash killed 2 kids, father

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - We have an update on a story we have been following that you will only see on 14 News.

It has been nearly eight months since 7-month-old Prince Carter, 2-year-old Princess Carter, and their father Terence Barker were killed when the suspect in a police chase crashed into their car.

Now, the babies' mother, Janae Carter, is speaking out for the first time since new baby Myracle was born.

She tells us she still cannot believe Myracle is here and that she gets to be a mother again. On Sunday, Myracle will be one month old, but the past month and more have been far from easy for the family.

"Sometimes I just wake up and wonder where they're at and then snap back into reality and they're just gone," says Carter.

Seven months after losing her two babies and their father, Carter has a new bundle of joy in her arms.

"She's here. All I can say is she's here," says Carter.

Myracle Ann, born shortly after noon on June 22. Carter says her whole pregnancy was difficult, both emotionally and physically.

Even now, little Myracle still brings up memories of the children she lost.

"She looks like Princess. She looks like both of them. It's hard to look at her after she was born because I was having flashbacks of her being Princess," says Carter.

She acts like her siblings too, ripping off her head band like Princess did.

"And she looks like Prince too. Yeah when she raises her eyebrows. That's crazy she looks like both of them," says Carter and her family.

Carter and her family say the key is to stick together and appreciate each moment.

"She's a blessing. It's a miracle for her to be here. I just wish her brother and sister were here and her dad," says Carter.

Carter's afraid to leave the house with Myracle, especially riding in a car.

"It's my job to protect her. It was my job to protect Prince and Princess, but I truly know that accident was not my fault," says Carter.

A bit of peace comes in the form of the little baby girl that is blessing her life.

"I'm just glad she's here, really. ... I'm actually able to be a parent again," says Carter.

As we reported in May, Carter filed a lawsuit against the City of Evansville, seeking justice for Prince and Princess. She believes both Evansville Police and the driver that hit them, Frederick McFarland, were negligent.

Evansville Police said they followed protocol when making the decision to pursue McFarland in the chase. His trial is set for August.

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