Owensboro firefighters help with birth of baby

Owensboro firefighters help with birth of baby

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - Larry and Stacey Freels are settling in with their newest family member, a baby girl named Magdalene Marie.

Since they'd already experienced labor and delivery three times...they thought the birth of their fourth, would be relatively routine.

"A lot of reading and preparing," Stacey explained.

Just one day after Magdalene Marie's due date, Stacey went into labor and things escalated quickly. The couple hadn't made it to the hospital...when Larry had to stop on the side of the of the road.

"She goes 'I can feel the head!' and I was like 'O my gosh!'" Larry said.

And helped deliver to their second daughter right there in the family's minivan.

"I didn't even have to hardly do anything!" he said. "I mean it was like someone was there helping us."

Larry barely had time to call 911. Firefighters arrived right after Magdalene Marie made her debut.

"Man they were great," Larry said. "I hear it sometimes people say you guys are great You know we try to do our best but when you're on that side of it, they're great!"

And Larry should know. He's a lieutenant with the Owensboro Fire Department.

"When it's your own, it's completely different than when your just going on an everyday run," he said.

His friends and co-workers jumped in to help get mother and baby bundled up and safely to the hospital.

"To be holding her in the back of an ambulance and seeing another firefighter driving our van behind us, following us, it was just surreal," Stacey said.

Now they have an 8-pound 7-ounce addition to their family.

"The human body is amazing and everything is fine," she said. "She's just a little miracle."

And a story they'll likely tell for years to come.

"The closeness of being able to see her just be born and to put her on her chest together and her letting out that cry, it was pretty awesome, pretty amazing," Larry said.

"I think she's gonna be our little spit fire, with an entrance like that," Stacey said.

The spit fire who couldn't wait to make it into the world.

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