‘Be yourself, be unique’: Owensboro man inspires happiness through dance

Dancing Owensboro man keeps the community smiling

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - If you live in Owensboro, chances are you've seen "Tayvho" groovin' down the road. His dance moves have made their way across social media and through town where you'll see people waving and hear people honking when Tayvho gets going. Would you believe such an outgoing spirit was once more on the shy side?

Tayvho says the sidewalk stardom all began in Lexington. As a nervous UK freshman, Tayvho was on a mission to find himself. Classes had not started yet when the dance walks started. A fun beat came in the mix on his way to the store and he couldn't help but move his feet.

"Months and months later, people started recording me and putting me on social media. It was funny. I'm just out here doing my thing, being myself, not trying to be like anybody, just having a good time, and people are really enjoying it," Tayvho said.

Now, Tayvho's kicks and smile have become iconic in Owensboro.

"When I listen to music, it's a whole different world for me," Tayvho said, "It's like dancing in the heavens."

So what is he listening to? Tayvho actually produces his own music. He says he loves creating remixes of some of his favorite tunes. When you see him dancing on the sidewalk, he's probably listening to his own creation. That's something he says makes him extra happy when he's in the zone. He'll tell you over and over the thing that keeps him dancing is his love for the beat. It's a big part of his life, along with his faith.

"If you have God on your side and you depend on him and you pray for his guidance, for his grace and mercy, he'll be there. You just have to have faith. You have to patient. You have to keep keepin' on. It's like what my mother told me. She's been a good mother to me. She's got me to the point where I'm a different person, especially in the spiritual department. She's filled me up with the word of God and gave me the spiritual tools and look at me now, I'm a totally different person."

Tayvho says many of his friends from high school turned to drugs and alcohol after graduation, but that wasn't his identity. That then became the question, though. Who was he? He said his college experience became a mission of finding himself. Little did he know, he'd find it in his love for the beat. Along with it, he found a love for life and a love for happiness.

"Find what makes you happy, whether its music, whether its singing, whether its grooving like me you know? Find what makes you happy! Life is too short to be sad."

And in Tayvho's world, too short to be still. He has advice for those who ask how he manages to keep the smile day after day.

"If you're struggling with anything. If you're struggling with work, or having a bad day at work, find what makes you happy. If you have to, put on some sunglasses and do your thing! I'm out here doing my thing, and I'm happy. I mean, the sky's the limit. You only live once. So live life while you can, enjoy it, trust in God, depend on him, and he'll be with you."

Tayvho says he isn't for sure what's in store for his life, but he's interested in pursuing special education as a future career. Next time you see Tayvho groovin' his way through town, make sure to stop and say hi. The smile is contagious.

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