Taking a Stand: Freedom of the Press

Taking a Stand: Freedom of the Press
Updated: Jun. 20, 2018 at 2:27 PM CDT
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(WFIE) - These days it seems harder and harder to find political issues that many conservatives and liberals can find common ground on, but to me, one of the most important is the Freedom of the Press.

Recently the Justice Department seized New York Times reporter Ali Watkins's private email data and her phone records as part of an investigation into a former Senate Intelligence Committee staffer.

The Free Flow of Information Act is a bill intended to protect journalists from being forced by the government to turn over their records or sources. It's identical to a bill sponsored by then- Indiana Congressman Mike Pence backed in 2007.

And it's even more important now.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions told Congress during his confirmation hearing that he was not sure he wouldn't jail reporters who are doing their jobs.

Journalists exist to hold the powerful accountable, and if the government can't protect them – and their sources – then it could soon to be next-to-impossible to make sure those in power are doing what they say they are doing.

That's important no matter who's in control of the government. Protecting our ability to shine the light on the truth and our constitutional right to free speech no matter our party affiliation makes this a better nation.

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