Posey Co. wife holds burglars at gunpoint until police arrive

Posey Co. wife holds burglars at gunpoint until police arrive

WADESVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Josh and Nalen Lefler tell 14 News two teens broke into their vehicles Friday morning.

It started when their dog heard a commotion and alerted them.

"I knew he went out unarmed.. and so I immediately grabbed the gun that's my first instinct," said Nalen Lefler.

Posey County Sheriff's Office tells us one of those teens was 18-year-old Austin Frymire.  The other was a juvenile.

"We don't get much traffic out here so if something happens in the middle of the night... Somethings going on. It's not just a coincidence," said Josh Lefler.

The couple lives off a gravel road in Wadesville and said they never thought something like this would happen to them.

"I hold them at gunpoint while he pats them down, make sure they don't have any weapons. They weren't armed. I made them sit on the concrete hands where I could see them just for our safety," said Nalen.

The couple held the two at gunpoint until deputies could get there.

Chief Deputy Tom Latham with the Posey County Sheriff's Office said, " People are getting fed up with the violence within our society and in efforts of trying to combat that, maybe send a message to the criminals that are maybe walking that fine line maybe contemplating on taking that step in the wrong direction maybe this could help open their eyes as well."

The Leflers are just happy things ended the way they did.

Nalen added, "I'm scared that if we weren't protected what could have happened out of the scenario."

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