Polling locations change in Daviess County

Polling locations change in Daviess County

DAVIESS CO., KY (WFIE) - Residents in Daviess County could be on the move to a different voting location in 2018.

Officials from the Daviess County Clerks office say that two voting locations will be changing this season. Voters, who would normally cast their ballot at Seven Hills School, will move to Estes Elementary School, and those who vote at Ben Hawes Golf Course will move to Audubon Elementary School.

Richard House, the Daviess County Chief Deputy Clerk, says the changes may come as an inconvenience to some, but the changes are necessary.

"We hate to move precincts because people become accustomed to those," said House. "We try desperately not to move them but, sometimes it's just out of our control and we have to make changes and we have to just do the best we can."

House says that not having an election last year paved the way for some of these changes. In that time the Seven Hills School building was sold since and the golf course overtook the normal voting location.

According to House, voters will receive notices of where to vote via the mail closer to election day.

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