Tri-State schools on alert after Parkland, FL shooting

Updated: Mar. 20, 2018 at 1:55 PM CDT
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TRI-STATE (WFIE) - What happened in Parkland, Florida, changed something about how the nation reacts to school shootings.

Maybe it was because it came only 22 days after Marshall Co., but it was as if the country collectively insisted that this cannot be the new normal. We must not let this happen again.

"To think that my daughter and my son are living through that now and asking her all these questions, she said 'Mom you are scaring me. Why are you asking me all this? Is this going to happen at school?'" said Warrick County parent, Erika Taylor. "You don't want your children just living in a constant state of terror, but there's also the reality that - here we are, the most developed country in the world, but yet why are we having this gun violence problem."

In Henderson, Sheriff Ed Brady found himself dispensing advice to students that would have seemed unthinkable only a few years ago - practical advice on protecting your self from bullets flying through the halls of your own school.

"Some of these weapons, I don't think a text book is going to make a difference, but I'm going to try it if I'm in that situation. I'm going to do anything I can within reason to slow the bullet down or block the bullet," said Sheriff Brady.

Less than 24 hours after Parkland, Warrick County Superintendent Brad Schneider called a meeting of the school-wide safety team to review their response plans. It wasn't just about protecting kids from a shooter. It was about educating students in an atmosphere of fear.

"School safety is something we talk a great deal about. We let the kids know how important it is. It's something we spend a great deal of time and effort on because that is a top priority. Kids have to feel safe before they will learn to their maximum level," said Superintendent Brad Scheider.

Parents, administrators, and law enforcement are determined to work together to stop the carnage, and this time, students themselves are rising up to say, "enough is enough."

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