Former caregiver of deadly police shooting victim speaks out

Former caregiver of deadly police shooting victim speaks out

BOONVILLE, IN (WFIE) - We've learned more about the man in the center of a Boonville Police-involved shooting. 58-year-old Marshall Coleman of Boonville died after a confrontation with Boonville Police on Friday.

Authorities said Coleman initially called 911 and said there was a guy threatening people with knives and hitting on cars. Police said that guy turned out to be Coleman, and when officers tried to get him to drop the knives, he wouldn't.

Now his caregiver and best friend are speaking out saying there is more to the story.

"I just want people to understand this wasn't who he was," Tina said.

Detectives told us they believe Coleman made the 911 call to initiate a confrontation with police.

When officers arrived they said only Coleman was outside. No other tenants reported being threatened.

After a few attempts to tase Coleman, police said shots were fired.

"I was surprised at the fact that that's what happened because I just spoke to him," Tina said. "I thought he was going to sleep. I had thought I had calmed him down as I always had in the past."

According to Tina, Coleman suffered from major depression and was dealing with several other medical conditions.

"I just wanted people to understand that he wasn't a monster," Tina said. "He wasn't a threat to others."

Tina said she believes his mental health illness influenced his actions.

"That was my best friend," Tina said. "That was a person I took care of every single day, and he was very close to my heart."

Indiana State Police said the investigation is ongoing.

As for the Boonville Police Officers involved, we're told they are on paid administrative leave until at least Monday.

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