Exclusive: Family of Erica Bradfield opens up about their daughter's gruesome death

Exclusive: Family of Erica Bradfield opens up about their daughter's gruesome death

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - The family of an Evansville woman killed in a gruesome crime invited 14 NEWS into their living room on Tuesday.

Linda and Danny Deckard, the mother and stepfather of 41-year-old Erica Bradfield Fox, opened up about their tragic loss.

Authorities found dismembered human remains in trash bags belonging to Bradfield on Friday near the backyards of homes on Bellemeade and Grand Avenue.

Police arrested 38-year old Earl Martin, who is facing murder charges.

Bradfield's family told us, it's unclear if Martin was dating Bradfield.

"She knew this boy from a long time ago in Washington, Indiana," Linda Deckard explained of Martin. "We've always had trouble with him and his family. I've gotten into it once before and told him to stay away. He is a very troublesome boy. He's killed cats as a young boy, I've heard," Deckard said.

On Saturday, Martin's mother told us he admitted to to shooting Bradfield in the head and claimed he took her body into the basement where he said he used lawn tools to dismember Bradfield, then later put the pieces in trash bags.

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"Erica was a kind person that would do anything for anybody. She was a loving person that should not have been done this way," Bradfield's mother, Linda said.

The family tells us they last saw Erica in person on December 1, and after not hearing from her for days, they grew even more worried.

"We miss her an awful lot," said Deckard. "Like I said, she is very kind. She was too kind to too many people."

Bradfield's entire family plans to be at Martin's first court appearance on Wednesday, December 27.

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