Taking a Stand: Millennials moving to Owensboro

Taking a Stand: Millennials moving to Owensboro

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - Congratulations to the city of Owensboro and their leaders as last week they were named as one of 11 cities in the country that millennials are moving to.

According to a recent Business Insider article, 48% of the home buyers in Owensboro were millennials in 2015. We are told by local realtors that they are seeing a good increase of about 10-15% year over year.

In recent years Owensboro has invested millions of dollars which include smothers park and revitalizing downtown. These efforts are now paying off.

For cities, like Owensboro, that really want to grow and thrive, it's important to attract this generation for a variety of reasons, not to mention the positive economic impact.

What a great honor, having this group of bright, diverse, wired and connected young people who really care about where they live.

It's ideal for the city and the Tri-State

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