Flag burning ceremony held in honor of Veteran's Day

Flag burning ceremony held in honor of Veteran's Day

MCLEAN CO., KY (WFIE) - At McLean County High school the Junior ROTC did something different on Friday for their Veteran's Day ceremony.

They did a flag retirement ceremony in order to dispose of old flags in the correct way, by burning them. The JROTC members have been planning this ceremony since last school year.

"The normal Veteran's day, honoring the veterans and their family, was stepped up a little bit with the flag retirement ceremony," Principal of McLean County High School Drew Taylor said.

Burning the flags as a way to get rid of old ones is actually the correct way to dispose of American flags.

"This is an honorable way of retiring them," Matthew Hackett a junior ROTC member said. "They don't need to be disrespected."

The flag is cut by each stripe and star before being burned to retire them.

Students wanted others to remember what the flag stands for.

"A lot of people use it to represent bad things that are going on," Noah Rickard battalion commander of the junior ROTC program said. "But really it represents freedom, it represents justice, it represents truth."

The ceremony was entirely student led.

"We young people don't seem to care as much," Rickard said. "But they found out here that we do care and that we're going to strive to do our best to show them how much we care about them."

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