New state-of-the-art mammography in Henderson

New state-of-the-art mammography in Henderson

HENDERSON, KY (WFIE) - Henderson Methodist Hospital is introducing a new form of breast cancer detection.

Breast cancer is a topic that affects many people, whether it's you, a friend, or family member.

Breast said one in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer in her lifetime.

"We've been wanting it for a while but we really started the process back in the spring so from then to now," said Christa Cole, director of imaging at Methodist Hospital.

It's called Low Dose Genius 3D Mammography.

"They'll see much more detail so there's a clearer image actually," said Cole.

Officials say they'll be able to pinpoint size, shape, and location of abnormalities, and it does not require an X-ray exposure to generate the picture.

In the past, those with dense breast tissue, like Wendy Mackey, struggled to get a clear reading.

Now, that's not going to happen.

"I've been called back sometimes because they think it might be something, but then you come back and it's not," said Mackey, who is a patient at Methodist Hospital.

Experts said each picture is sliced into one millimeter.

To put that in perspective, there are 25 slices in an inch, so that's a lot of images the radiologists are getting.

"I'm very excited, and I think a lot of patients that I talk to have been wanting the 3D for a long time, so I'm excited that it's here," said Mackey.

"We want to do what's best for our patients," said Cole. "We want to be able to provide the services that they need, and this new equipment helps us do that."

The new 3D mammogram will be available to patients at the beginning of November.

Free mammograms and breast ultrasounds, provided in partnership with Susan G. Komen Evansville Tri-state, are available to those who are uninsured or under-insured and who meet Mammograms for Western Kentucky grant requirements.

To see if you qualify for a free mammogram, call 270-831-7931.

For more information, or to schedule a 3D mammography exam, please contact Methodist Hospital's Centralized Scheduling at 270-827-7356.

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