Taking a Stand: Aftermath of Las Vegas shooting

Taking a Stand: Aftermath of Las Vegas shooting

TRI-STATE (WFIE) - Once again, we are talking about a horrific act of an individual, who opened fire on Las Vegas concertgoers, killing and wounding innocent victims.

There are no words sufficient to comfort the victims and families, there are no means to magically expedite the healing of our once again wounded nation.

Time after time, mass shooting after mass shooting, our response becomes typical. Some will point to reforming gun laws while others will speak for the need of better mental health recognition and treatment in our country, but little changes besides our Facebook profile pictures that will now be filled with "pray for Las Vegas" images.

Regardless of what we find out about the shooter in the coming days and weeks, I believe that we must increase our conversations regarding mental health.

We have heard just this week from congressional leaders that mental health reform is crucial to ensuring that mass shootings are prevented in the future. I agree, but think that we can all do better.

First, we must stop labeling mental health as a negative stigma so more people will talk openly about it with each other. Second, let's talk to our leaders about investing more funds in our country's mental health resources.

Many experts I speak to regarding this subject tell me that we simply don't have enough resources nor enough positive focus on this issue, and that's disappointing.  Let's pray for the victims and their families to get through this difficult time, and for our nation to begin to heal, and then let's talk seriously about "Taking a Stand" together for a brighter and better future for all.

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