Fall allergies in full swing

Fall allergies in full swing

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - It's that time of year again,

We're only a few days into Fall but Fall allergy season is in full swing.

We talked with allergy and immunology doctor, Dr. Majed Koleilat, at Deaconess today. He tells us, the season is here and people around the Tri-State are definitely starting to feel the symptoms. The good news is, he says, in general, this season looks to be about average compared to past Fall allergy seasons. Some of the main culprits out there right now are ragweed and mold. Even if you don't live right next to a field where these allergens frequently grow, they can travel miles in the air.

"Generally, you will notice, if you are driving around on a nice day with the windows open your eyes will start watering, your nose will get stuffed up, you'll start getting clear runny discharge, you'll start sneezing or evening coughing. For that we recommend avoidance," says Dr. Koleilat.

He says to keep the indoors, indoors and outdoors, outdoors. Meaning, keep your car windows closed. Have your car air conditioning set to circulate. And don't open the windows in your home. Keep those pollens outside.

If you do start to feel the symptoms coming on, you may not realize what it is right away. Allergies are often confused with the common cold.

"Allergies will last more than a week generally. Colds are limited to a week. Allergies are not going to be in multiple people around your household. Colds will be be in multiple people around your household. It's highly unlikely that you, your sister, your brother, your mother and your daughter share the same allergies but you might be sharing the same virus," says Dr. Koleilat.

If you are able to pinpoint your problem is allergies, there's a number of over the counter medicines. They also make nasal sprays and eye drops that could help. If none of those work for you, consult your doctor. You may need something stronger or could benefit from allergy shots.

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