Taking A Stand: Preparing for the Solar Eclipse

Taking A Stand: Preparing for the Solar Eclipse

As we all prepare for Monday's solar eclipse, I want to take this opportunity to thank viewers that came to our Evansville and Owensboro Studios this week to get a limited amount of Eclipse glasses.

Unfortunately, many of you did not get them as we ran out in less than 30-minutes and we are sorry for that.

For those of you that don't have glasses, there are still ways to view the solar eclipse in a safe way.

We have provided that information on 14news.com and the 14 App.

On Monday, we encourage everyone to be patient and safe especially in Western Kentucky as large crowds and heavy traffic are expected.

Please be smart and be prepared.

It will be a special day and we look forward to offering you the best view of the eclipse live on all of the 14 news platforms which include TV, 14 News.com, the 14 News app and on Roku.

We will have all day coverage from multiple locations starting during Sunrise.

Where ever you are on Monday, we hope you enjoy this historic event.

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