5-year-old girl found alone, crying after being dropped off at wrong bus stop

5-year-old girl found alone, crying after being dropped off at wrong bus stop

STURGIS, KY (WFIE) - A Union County mother says her young daughter was dropped off at the wrong bus stop.

The incident occurred Thursday on their first day of school.

"The only thing I can think is, where could she be," asked mother Paige Allen.

Panic poured over a Union County mother Thursday waiting for the school bus to drop off her 5-year-old daughter at their Sullivan home. The school bus driver made a nearby stop.

However, Allen's daughter was no where to be found.

"He went right past me, dropped the boy off across the street, then kept going," Allen explained.

Allen immediately called the school system.

It wasn't until about 25 minutes later that Allen learned what happened. A neighbor found the girl crying on a curb and brought her home.

The kindergartner had gotten off the bus about a quarter of a mile too soon.

"When he told her to get off the bus up there, that's exactly what she did," Allen told 14 News. "She listened to the adult and in this situation, the adult was wrong."

The school board is taking additional steps Friday to try to prevent this from happening to any other student.

Name tags are not uncommon for the younger students to wear while riding the bus. But, after Thursday's incident more information was added to them.

"We've made sure that for today, in addition to our procedure where Kindergarten and First grade wear name tags with their bus number on it, we're adding their address to all of those tags to avoid any confusion on drop off," Union County spokesperson Malinda Beauchamp said.

The school district could not confirm if that bus driver is still on the job. The board office is continuing to investigate.

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