Taking A Stand: School Zones

Taking A Stand: School Zones

It's back to school for dozens of Tri-State schools this week.

Police are reminding not just students and their parents, but all drivers to remember the rules of the road--especially in those school zones.

School zones are supposed to keep kids safe as they arrive at and leave school, but the zones sometimes pose a risk for pedestrians and motorists alike.

Each school year, nearly 54 million school-age children around the country walk or bike to school or otherwise pass through the school zone after exiting a caregiver's car or the school bus.

In those busy zones, they can be at risk of injury or death.

According to AAA, the most dangerous time for the school zone and beyond is the after-school period from 3-4 p.m.

That's when more school-age pedestrians are involved in accidents with motorists than at any other time of day,

This week serves as a reminder to be extra careful around those zones.

Local law enforcement will be patrolling and reminding everyone to slow down.

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