Taking a Stand: Journalists

Taking a Stand: Journalists

TRI-STATE (WFIE) - Each week, we say Taking a Stand is an expression of opinion of 14 News because it is the only place in the newscast created for opinions.

The local journalists who work here for 14 News pride themselves on being objective when reporting the truth.  They work daily to earn your trust.

They share facts that can be challenging where some may disagree or even be offended, but they show courage and conviction by reporting those facts anyway.

They hold the powerful accountable and we want to take this opportunity to show our appreciation for those local community and business leaders who respectfully answer tough questions.

They set a positive example by being transparent and taking responsibility when they see room to improve.  We hope their actions inspire others.

We are troubled when we see expressions of violence toward journalists from comments on social media to actual confrontations, which have recently occurred around our country.

We ask our local leaders to use their platforms to help discourage the disrespect, harassment and harm of anyone working to get you the facts you deserve.

Tough, but fair, journalism has been a powerful force for good throughout our nation's history.  It's a freedom we enjoy thanks to the Constitution's First Amendment.

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