Evansville teen plays on stage with Green Day

Evansville teen plays on stage with Green Day

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong often pulls people on stage. It's something 15-year-old Kristin Schaum has seen happen many times to other lucky fans.

Last Saturday at their show in Las Vegas, it happened to her.

Kristin was ready for the moment Armstrong would ask the crowd if anyone could play their song "Knowledge."

She had a sign that read "I can play Knowledge" and raised her had when the question was asked.

The moment Armstrong told Kristin to get up on stage can be seen on several YouTube videos.

After a big hug, Armstrong gave her a quick lesson on the cords. In a few seconds, she had the hang of it.

"They pulled me out of the crowd, grabbed me by my belt loop and shoulder and threw me up there," she said. "I walked over to Billie Joe, gave him a big hug and he showed me the chords."

Like any teenager, Kristin wanted a selfie to document the experience. Armstrong obliged, and now the Evansville teenager has a Facebook profile picture to be proud of.

She was able to keep the guitar, which is now signed by the entire band.

Her dad Scott, who owns Schaum's Pizzeria in Evansville, says his wife (Kristin's mom) is also a big fan. He says they've seen the band 12 times just this year.

"To just know that she just played with her favorite band in front of like 16,000 people, that's nuts and if you look at the selfie, you see Billie and her in the background," said Scott.

It's a rush music lovers know well: following a band from show to show, getting there early in the morning, and running to the barricade when the doors are finally open... all for that front row spot.

For Kristen, it led to a night she'll never forget.

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