Festival Info on Restricted Items and Law Enforcement Activities

(Editor's Note: This s statement from the Evansville Police Department regarding banned and restricted items at the 2005 Evansville Freedom Festival.)

The Evansville Police Department would like to extend a welcome to all the visitors, vendors, volunteers, and performers to the Evansville Freedom Festival taking place from Thursday, June 23 through Sunday, June 26, 2005 and then on July 4, 2005.

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There will be numerous officers from several agencies working on the public's behalf to ensure a safe, secure, and enjoyable festival environment. Approximately 65 Officers will be stationed at various locations along the downtown riverfront, patrolling the river, the riverbank, the surrounding festival site, as well as at the airport each day.


Officers will be working in various uniforms as well as in plain clothes. They will be operating boats, bicycles, motorcycles, ATV's, and will be on foot.


Agencies providing safety and security for the Freedom Festival:

·        Indiana State Police

·        Indiana State Department of Natural Resources

·        Indiana State Excise Police

·        Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Department

·        Henderson County Sheriff’s Department

·        Evansville Fire Department

·        United States Coast Guard

·        Evansville Police Department.


Please take note of the following restrictions and law enforcement activities:


·        Parking – No parking along Veterans Memorial Highway between Cherry Street and Kentucky Avenue. No parking on Waterworks Road. Parking in yellow zones and tow zones in the downtown area will be enforced.


·        Random Searches - Back packs / gym bags / purses / camera bags will be searched at the officer’s discretion


·        Cooler Searches - All coolers opened at gates and inspected


·        Banned Items -

1.      Glass bottles / jars / containers

2.      Beer Kegs

3.      Animals / pets of any type

4.      Squirt guns of any type / water balloons

5.      Bicycles / scooters  / skateboards / rollerblades

6.      Fireworks

7.      Any items viewed as hazardous - Officer's discretion

8.      Any type of weapon

9.      Radios / Stereos  playing at a level violating the noise ordinance


·        Tents / Awnings / Lawn Chairs - Prohibited from blocking the sidewalks anywhere along the levee / Greenway Passage Trail in the festival site


·        Safety Concerns / Children –

·        Never leave children unattended

·        Always have a responsible person in charge of the children

·        Carry a picture of the child in the event they are lost

·        Know the clothing description of your child

·        Have a pre-planned meeting place if separated