Taking a Stand: Nonprofits need strong community support

Taking a Stand: Nonprofits need strong community support

(WFIE) - Nonprofits touch many of our lives every day.

Whether it's through local food pantries, caring for veterans, or providing jobs for those with disabilities, nonprofits are making a difference all around us.

Our local nonprofits need strong community support in order to thrive and to continue making a difference.

Local nonprofits are important contributors to the local economy and provide tens of thousands of jobs for Indiana residents and account for almost 10% of all wages and salaries paid in the United States?

I would like to challenge businesses and individuals in our community to reach out and partner with some of our local nonprofit organizations that are in need of our support.

Studies have shown that businesses that support and give their personal time to local nonprofits are viewed by the community and their employees as a company that cares… gaining increased customer loyalty, employee satisfaction, and a reputation as, "a company that gives back."

So connect with a nonprofit that needs you, discover a way to give back that's meaningful to you, and make a difference in the lives of those that need your support in our community.

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