Local man affected by drunk driving becomes Uber driver

Local man affected by drunk driving becomes Uber driver

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - The bar scene is a popular place for people who like to tip back a few beers on the weekends.

New Uber driver Jeff Osborne tells us he wants all bar-hoppers to look good. He says it's all about the choices you make when they leave those bars.

Osborn's son was hurt by a drunk driver a few years ago. His son's friend, was killed in that crash.

Osborne says, he and his wife both have their full time jobs, but they decided to drive for Uber on the side just to keep more potentially drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel.

Last Friday, he estimates he had about 45 passengers Friday and Saturday night, each. Both nights, he worked until 3:00 am. And for him it was gratifying.

"Hoping they have an easier way," Osborne said. "The taxi service is great too, but if there is one more opportunity to get people home that is easier for somebody who has been drinking, then that's what my focus is going to be."

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