Surveillance video captures man robbing Owensboro Hair Salon

Surveillance video captures man robbing Owensboro Hair Salon

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - Authorities are still piecing together why and how someone broke into the Strawberry Blonde Hair Salon on Park Plaza Drive.

New surveillance video shows that suspect stealing close to 200 dollars.

Cameras captured someone in a hoodie sneaking around the salon, looking for something to steal. Though the suspect is long gone, the owner, Andrea Cecil, still feels his presence.

"I want them to feel safe and not feel like they have to come to work and be scared and you know if they have to lock the door immediately when somebody leave," Cecil says.

Cecil adds she feels violated.

"I worked my whole life and even coming down on hard times, I would never steal from someone," Cecil says.

Some of her employees tell me they aren't too mad, and are in a forgiving mood.

"I hope they can go out there and do better for themselves. I hope they can sleep at night," said one employee.

Employees say money in a cash register was the only thing reported as stolen. They are still checking to see if that's all that was taken.

If you have information on this, call the police.

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