Woman loses 100 pounds because of Christmas

Updated: Dec. 25, 2016 at 7:01 PM CST
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BOONVILLE, IN (WFIE) - The holidays can pack on the pounds with the sweets we all love, but one woman lost over one hundred pounds after she saw a video of herself opening Christmas presents with her kids.

"When you tell people that you've lost 110 pounds, do they believe you? At first, no. Then I'll show them a picture and their like, 'that's not you' and no, that's me, I promise."

Three years ago, Mary Cayte didn't like what she saw in a video of her opening Christmas presents with her daughter.

"I couldn't believe it was me, like wow, that's me, I'm really that size. I promised myself and my daughter that I would get healthy."

What started out as simply changing her diet, became a new lifestyle for Mary Cayte.

"It kinda gets me giddy, I have friends that are 110 pounds, so it's like I've lost a whole person."

She works out at Planet Fitness. She says at first, it was rough.

Healthy eating meant 50 pounds slowly melted off, but then her weight loss plateaued.

She then added weights, and the scale kept creeping up to 110 pounds.

Mary Cayte says she stumbles on that video every once in a while, and it's a constant reminder.

"I watch it sometimes, just to make sure I know not to go back there and why I did what I did and that was to stay healthy and set a good example, inspire others and just be able to live longer with my daughter."

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