A different kind of bucket challenge

A different kind of bucket challenge

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - The popular "Ice Bucket Challenge" nearly broke the internet last year, now a Tri-State community center gave a different twist to that challenge.

On Wednesday, dozens of parents and their kids lined up at the Patchwork Center on Washington Avenue with buckets in hand, ready to march.  Instead of dumping those buckets, marchers filled them with river water.

Volunteers told 14 News this bucket challenge exposes the luxury of having clean water in our country. Patchwork members marched all the way from Washington Avenue to Riverfront and back to raise awareness.

"For the children...it was seeing what other children and their mothers just like the people who went today it teaches them what it's like for people living in other countries that don't have the things we have in the United States," Phyllis Donahue, a Patchwork volunteer, said

A tenth of the world's population doesn't have access to clean drinking water, and members of Patchwork witnessed this epidemic while traveling in South America.

"We take a bucket to the nearest source of water in our community, and walk back," Donahue said. "To reenact what is for every family, every woman, and most the children in El Salvador and Central America have to walk every day to get any water they're going to use for the rest of day."

'A Different Kind of Bucket Challenge' is originally a fundraiser put on by Companion Community Development Alternatives, a nonprofit organization.

To make a donation, click here: Companion Community Development Alternatives website.

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