Calendar being made with photos of Madisonville veterans

Calendar being made with photos of Madisonville veterans

MADISONVILLE, KY (WFIE) - A "Heroes of Hopkins County" calendar is being made for Hopkins County veterans.

All six of the Crowley brothers served their country. Only three of them are still alive to see their names etched onto the veterans memorial on Main Street in Madisonville.

"I've never had it happen to me before. But I'm proud that I can be one of the ones that's here," says Emery Crowley.

Now there's a picture to the name, a picture that Charlie Crowley wishes the rest of the family could see.

"I'm just sorry that my mom and dad don't know about it. They'd be real proud of us," says Charlie.

Each get a photo of them next to the memorial, which is a way of giving back to them, for what they gave up. Emery will place his new photo next a to a portrait of him made by his daughter in law, creating a gallery of his services.

"She painted a picture of me, when I was about 60 years old, when she painted the other one but she can really paint, just like a camera take a picture," Emery says.

The pictures are worth more than just words to Garnett, but also memories of his sacrifice.

Money from the calendar will go toward the Patrick Rudd project, which is a local group that supports veterans and first responders.

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