EPD: Shooting result of juveniles playing with handgun

EPD: Shooting result of juveniles playing with handgun

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Investigators have determined the shooting of a juvenile on Friday, February 12 was the result of two juveniles playing with a handgun.

The victim was interviewed at the hospital after being brought in for treatment. He told officers he had been shot while walking in the 600 block of Madison.

Investigators were able to determine the incident happened inside a home on S. Fares Ave.  The victim was taken to the hospital by an adult resident of the home. We're told the adult also provided a false statement to police during the investigation.

Investigators were able to recover the handgun in a sewer near the incident scene.

The investigation into the situation is on going. Anyone who has additional information on this incident is asked to call EPD.

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