Posey Co. postal carrier accused of stealing prescriptions out of mail

Posey Co. postal carrier accused of stealing prescriptions out of mail

POSEY CO., IN (WFIE) - A Posey County postal carrier is in hot water.

23-year-old Lucas Kost is accused of snatching packages instead of delivering them. Police say he stole prescription medications from the mail.

He is charged with theft and possession of a controlled substance.

Police say they know of at least three victims, but think there are more.

The prosecutor says there could also be more charges.

It's an investigation that started with missing packages in September.

John Wallis' prescription pain pills never showed up.

"I was shocked," Wallis said.

Wallis told Mt. Vernon police that the tracking system showed the package had been delivered.

"I actually wanted to cry too because that was three months supply," Wallis said.

The next day, Wallis ended up in the hospital.

He says his roommate was a postal carrier who had overdosed. Wallis says he told the man about his missing meds.

"I said 'what do you think, a postman would do it?' He said 'no, a postman won't do it,'" Wallis said.

Fast forward to a few weeks later. Wallis says a detective called him. They'd caught someone.

"I said 'who done it?' He said 'the postman,'" Wallis said.

Wallis says the accused is the same postal carrier he met earlier - the man he'd shared a room with at the hospital - Lucas Kost.

"There's always one bad apple that makes everybody else look bad," Wallis says. "I mean not all postman are bad. I don't blame all of them. "

Still, Wallis says he can't be too safe. His medicines aren't sent to his home anymore.

Officials believe Wallis is probably one of many victims. "I'm sure there are other people out there," Wallis said.

Wallis says he never got his pills back, but that's no longer his focus.

Instead, he and authorities just want people to be know that this happened.

"They need to pay attention to their mailboxes and when things get delivered," Wallis said.

A U.S. Postal Inspector says Kost is on emergency placement, essentially suspended from work.

Following the investigation, management can choose to dismiss him or discipline him.

The good news is that inspector says these crimes aren't common.

Still, if you think you're a victim, call law enforcement and report it.

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