Indiana voters can now take selfies while voting

Indiana voters can now take selfies while voting

INDIANA (WFIE) - A federal judge backs the ACLU in a lawsuit over the the legality of ballot selfies.

Voters could have been charged with a felony offense for posting an image of a full ballot to social media.

But the ACLU sued the state of Indiana, arguing the law violated voters First Amendment rights.

The judge's decision now prevents authorities from enforcing the "ballot selfie law."

Election officials in Evansville hope the change will spur more pride in voting.

"This morning we had someone in here who was voting for the first time who had immigrated here from England," Election Supervisor John Gerard said. "She was very excited to vote for the first time. In something like that, I could see where they would be very proud to vote and like to show that to other people."

The decision is a preliminary ruling.

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