Ricky House sentenced for role in kidnapping, rape of Joelle Lockwood

Ricky House sentenced for role in kidnapping, rape of Joelle Lockwood

POSEY CO., IN (WFIE) - Ricky House will likely spend the rest of his life in prison.

A judge sentenced House to a total of 93 years in prison on Wednesday. In addition to the sentence, he will also have to register as a sexually violent offender.

In September, a jury found House guilty of 16 charges ranging from rape and kidnapping to criminal confinement.

Authorities say House kept Joelle Lockwood in his trailer for two months in 2014 while he forced her into sexual acts, tied her up, locked her in a cage, and threatened her.

The court heard testimony from a probation officer, an EPD detective, and Lockwood's mother on Wednesday before House was sentenced.

Ultimately, the judge set aside 8 of the 16 charges, saying there wasn't proof beyond a reasonable doubt that a gun was used in this case.

"The judge has to make decisions based on the law and what he sees right," said Travis Clowers, Posey Co. Prosecuting Attorney. "He's a very good judge. He knows the law very well. He makes decisions on what the law is, and I respect that, and we just move forward."

"I was happy that the judge threw out 8 of the 16 convictions out, basically because the evidence was insufficient," said William Gooden, House’s defense attorney.

House says he plans to appeal the sentence.

Assuming House gets credit for good behavior, he will serve 75% of his sentence. That is about 70 years.

The prosecution was pushing for at least 100 years. The defense wanted about 30.

Kendra Tooley, who is also charged in the case, has a pre-trial hearing on November 4.

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