Jury finds Ricky House Jr. guilty on all charges

Jury finds Ricky House Jr. guilty on all charges

POSEY CO., IN (WFIE) - One of two suspects accused of kidnapping, raping, and confining an Evansville mother has been found guilty on all charges.

A jury convicted Ricky House Jr. on 16 charges, which range from rape to criminal confinement to battery and kidnapping.

Joelle Lockwood went missing in July 2014 and was held captive in a mobile home for nearly two months. She testified at House's trial that she was locked inside a cage and raped numerous times while she was there.

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Pre-sentencing for House will be on Wednesday, October 14 at 10 a.m.

We reached out to Lockwood's family after the verdict was read, but they were not ready to speak.

House's sister, Lori, released this statement on behalf of the family:

"We are devastated by this decision. Ricky is an addict, not an animal. He is not the monster he has been portrayed. All four of the parties in the home are addicts. We pray that they all find the help they need."

The other suspect in the case, Kendra Tooley, will go on trial on Monday, October 5.

House's defense attorney says there will be an appeal.

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