Deliberations to begin Monday in Ricky House Jr. trial

Deliberations to begin Monday in Ricky House Jr. trial

POSEY CO., IN (WFIE) - We are getting closer to learning the fate of a Posey County, Indiana man accused of raping, kidnapping, and confining an Evansville mother.

Testimony in the trial of Ricky House Jr. wrapped up Friday.

WARNING: Details may be disturbing or graphic to some.

The defense says Joelle Lockwood's testimony was conflicting and argues the several charges that include 'with a deadly weapon' aren't true because Ricky House Jr. never pointed a gun.

The state is focusing on its evidence and says Lockwood and Kendra Tooley both testified Lockwood was kept there against her will, was tied and bound and kept in a wooden cage.

Tooley told the jury House raped Lockwood 30-40 times.

According to Tooley, the first time was Lockwood's first night at the trailer. She said House used chloroform to knock Lockwood out, then tied her up and raped her.

Tooley added that Lockwood saw herself on the news and began crying and begged if she could leave.

Tooley told the jury both she and Lockwood were scared for their lives. She says House forced them both to wear collars, and if they disobeyed or fought back, they were punished.

Despite that, Tooley also says House and Lockwood had a "normal relationship" and that they would laugh and talk.

Both the prosecution and defense questioned Tooley about contradictory statements and testimony.

The defense called Lockwood back in after the jury left to ask her about her past substance abuse for an "offer to prove." That means the defense asked questions about information that isn't allowed to be asked in front of the jury in case they appeal.

House was given the opportunity to testify, but didn't.

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