Prosecution rests, defense begins in Ricky House, Jr. trial

Prosecution rests, defense begins in Ricky House, Jr. trial

POSEY CO., IN (WFIE) - The Posey County man accused of kidnapping Joelle Lockwood returned to court Thursday.

The prosecution rested its case against Ricky House Jr. Thursday morning and House's defense began.

WARNING: Details may be disturbing and graphic to some.

Officials believe he locked Lockwood in a wooden cage and zip tied her to beds, holding her hostage for two months inside a mobile home. House is facing 16 charges, ranging from criminal confinement and kidnapping, to rape.

House's defense started by calling Bailee Higgs, the daughter of the other defendant in this case, Kendra Tooley, to the stand. After Higgs, the defense next called Ruth House, Ricky House Jr.'s mother.

Then Tony Stallings was called to the stand to testify. Stallings is a Mt. Vernon police officer and works part-time at the Posey County Sheriff's Office. He told the jury he served a civil complaint at the trailer, but no one answered the door.

The defense then called Tooley to the stand.

Tooley testified that the trio was on drugs most of the time Lockwood was in the home. She said when Lockwood saw she was a missing person on TV she wanted to go home, but House told Lockwood it was nothing to worry about.

Tooley said that she and House had actually gotten locked out of the trailer at one point and Lockwood let them back in.

Tooley said House built the cage during last few weeks of Lockwood's stay. She said Lockwood was then kept in the cage at night. Tooley said Lockwood asked to leave after House built the cage and Tooley told Lockwood she was "working on it."

When asked about Lockwood being tied up, Tooley claimed it was part of a "master-slave" thing.  She said Lockwood wasn't bound unless it was during sexual acts. According to Tooley, the three of them watched pornographic bondage videos together and tried to act out what they saw.

The trial was recessed until Friday morning after Tooley's testimony. She will take the stand again when the trial resumes at 8 a.m.

Tooley is set to go to trial in October.

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