Testimony resumes in third day of Ricky House, Jr. trial

Testimony resumes in third day of Ricky House, Jr. trial

POSEY CO., IN (WFIE) - A Posey County jury heard more testimony Wednesday in the trial of Ricky House Jr.

House and 44-year-old Kendra Tooley are accused of kidnapping Joelle Lockwood in July of last year and holding her captive in a mobile home.

WARNING: Details may be disturbing and graphic to some.

Lockwood took the stand Tuesday and described her confinement in graphic detail. 

On Wednesday, a detective showed the jury several items which he believed were used to keep Lockwood captive.

The evidence included a strap with hooks, several bungee cords, a bottle of chloroform and two containers of ammo.

A detective also showed the jury a shotgun and shell.  House is accused of threatening to shoot Lockwood if she tried to escape.

According to the detective, investigators collected a hair sample and cigarette butt from the cage where Lockwood was allegedly held during part of her captivity.

During the cross examination, the detective was asked about the hair sample.  He said some of the hairs were animal and some human.

He mentioned the possibility that some of the hairs could have been transferred or the cage might have been cleaned.

The nurse in charge of Lockwood's care also testified Wednesday.  She said Lockwood told her that she had been raped and held captive.

The nurse talked about two ligature marks on Lockwood's neck and abrasions on her wrists.  She explained that a ligature mark is often seen after some sort of rope-applied pressure, or strangulation.

The nurse testified that Lockwood was given a pregnancy test while she was treated at the hospital.  That test was negative, according to her testimony.

The prosecution also interviewed the owner of H&R Pharmacy, who said Kendra Tooley's last day of work happened to be the day that Lockwood disappeared.

Lori House, the defendant's sister, was called to testify Wednesday afternoon.  She was asked about a letter she received with a map of a bathroom from the trailer attached.  Lori said her brother sent her the letter from jail.

Lori said the letter included a map of the bathroom with an "x" marked spot in front of the tub, but she said she wasn't able to find anything when she went to the trailer.

When Lori asked Ricky what she was looking for, she said he mouthed "gun" during their conversation at the jail.

She told the jury she returned to the house after Ricky was arrested to collect several personal belongings.  Lori said Ricky asked her to get a syringe that Lockwood supposedly used.

She told the jury she did find it in the trailer and had a deputy take the item into evidence.

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Several forensic scientists from the Indiana State Police lab were asked to testify.  One of them confirmed the shell found in the trailer came from the shotgun that was recovered.

Another analyst was asked about the blood and hair samples.  She said no blood was found on the rail of the cage.  The analyst believed one of the hair samples belonged to Lockwood.  She added that several other hairs appeared to be from an animal.

The analyst said a cigarette butt found in the cage appeared to have House and Tooley's DNA.  She testified that a bungee cord attached to a bar stool appeared to have Lockwood and House's DNA.  The prosecution believes Lockwood was tied to that stool.

So far, the state has been presenting its case. The defense will have an opportunity to call witnesses.

The trial will continue Thursday in Posey County Circuit Court.

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